Unlocking the Power of Foster to Adopt in the UK: A Journey of Love, Hope, and Second Chances
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It's foster care fornight - And We've asked one of our customers who has first hand experience to share her story with us: (names have been changed to protect identity): 

Winter 2020 – Summer 2021:

Simon* and I have decided to adopt a little one. In the UK, Early Permanence (also called Foster-to-Adopt) is usually the only route for infant adoption and our Local Authority offered to train us as EP Carers.  After 8 months of training, 3 days after Approval Panel, we’ve been told of a baby due soon. We’re so excited!  

Summer 2021:

We’ve told our son, Reuben (4), and got the baby stuff from the attic.  Couldn’t resist getting a new PacaPod though!  I had one with Reubs and it was amazing.  I’ve found a gorgeous navy-blue Pacapod with 3 pods inside and a mini-pod.  I’m so excited to unwrap it.  I’ve placed it carefully on the changing table ready for baby coming home.

pacapod travel pod

Autumn 2021:

After a gruelling 4 month wait, Si filmed me carrying newborn Amy* into our home for our first cuddles!

Spring 2021:

Amy’s always quite reflux-y but she’s struggling to keep anything down.  Over and over, I’m asking the doctors to please do more tests.  They’ve assured me it’s “just reflux; she’s gaining weight, don’t worry”. But, Reubs had reflux…and this isn’t it.

Summer 2022:

Summer holiday:  Amy’s getting worse. Every day she’s fighting to keep anything down. 

Final night:  We’re taking her back to the doctors on Monday.

24 hours later:  Amy can’t feed. We’ve taken her to A&E.  They’ve sent us home with an urgent referral to the Paeds team for more investigations.

Two weeks later:  She’s had a kidney scan and admitted instantly. Amy’s deteriorated and was placed on a feeding tube whilst receiving treatment.  Really scary stuff, but the Paeds team are amazing. We’re lucky, we’ve found out what’s happening quickly - although the cause isn’t known yet - and we’re going home after a couple of weeks, much improved.

Winter 2022/2023:

Many check-ups, appointments with specialists, investigations and tests have followed, diagnosing complex medical conditions. Packing her Pacapod every time I think“I am so glad I bought the big one!” as we have to take so much stuff!

Christmas Eve:  Alongside complex medical needs, Amy has allergies. VERY severe reaction today - blue lights and hospital instead of watching Elf today.  When your child needs an ambulance, you just have to go, so our PacaPod pram organiser bag is invaluable. The Mini-pod is brilliant for teethers, keeping them off hospital floors.  The large capacity bag with 3 pods inside means one changing pod, one for allergy-friendly food, and the clear pod for her emergency medical kit and clothes.  It’s brilliant - we can see what’s in the kit immediately without having to unpack the whole thing.  Super-helpful for Nursery too; they can grab the clear pod in an emergency when those precious seconds count.

Three weeks later: And they really do… Amy’s had a more serious reaction today. We grabbed the PacaPod travel pod and administered her EpiPen dose. Having the clear pod, and knowing exactly where her supplies were, was quite honestly, lifesaving.

Spring 2024:

Amy’s adoption is through!  She’s finally our girl and we couldn’t be happier. Reubs loves his little sister - true siblings, arguing one minute and snuggles the next!  We don’t know what’s in store for Amy, but we’ll be ready, PacaPod changing bag in tow, to face what we need to with her… finally as a family.




May 13, 2024 by Jacqueline Waggett

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