School's out for Summer

As parents and designers of 3-in-1 changing bags, here at PacaPod we understand what it means to be faced with family challenges and inventive problem solving.

Our latest blog written by one of our team muses about the up and coming long summer holidays...

We all remember the sheer joy of the last day of the summer term. Scuffed and scruffy shoes kicking the playground dust for the last time, soles almost falling off as we waved goodbye to our classroom. The excitement of knowing we would have weeks away from school before meeting a new teacher and a new shiny pair of uncomfortable shoes in the autumn far far away.

Years later, and now as a parent myself, I can almost smell that feeling. Somehow I’m transported back all those years as I watch my own children wave goodbye to their friends on the last day of term, with the excited anticipation of what the long summer months are to bring…

…Scratch the 12” record across the narrative right now – the reality of a ‘long’ summer can be very different from the rose tinted memories. As I strap the kids into the car and head off home, I can feel a small wave of dread sweep across…will the protracted summer be full of idyllic sunny days and laughter filled memories? Or, will it be one long gruelling tantrum filled stress fest?

We arrive home, the Fab lollies come out of the freezer (even though by now its raining), the destroyed shoes are kicked off, and I’m left wondering what will be in store for me, and for us.

I phone a friend (the same friend I saw about 20 minutes earlier at the childrens’ school), relieved to hear she is also sitting in her house with her own ice lolly in hand, and feeling exactly the same mix of nostalgia, relief, dread and ice cream headache  - we hatch plans. The diaries come out, and before too long, and after adding numerous outings to the family organiser, the lengthy summer isn't too scary after all.

Sitting back and feeling rather calm, (in spite of the noise of bickering now emanating from what seems like every corner of the house), I had a plan - I would conquer the summer with my friend. The two 'warrior mums' would lead their tribe of children through some awesome experiences – days in and days out to be proud of, starting with tomorrow and a picnic in the back garden (or in the kitchen if the rain persisted).

No matter what life throws at you, sometimes all you need is a little help from your friends - divide and conquer, share, and no problem (or summer) will ever defeat you. Best of all your children will be glad of the company of other children, leaving you warrior mums a chance to enjoy that ice lolly in peace!

PacaPod’s unique 3-in-1 organising system helps take the stress out of parenthood - offering you the only baby changing bag that brings together three bags which function as one - a changer bag, cool bag and a beautiful handbag, perfect for calm, organised days out with the whole family, whatever the summer holidays might throw at you!


July 19, 2019 by Lucy Wakefield


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