When you’re planning a trip with your baby, packing can be a real chore. Many parents – both new and experienced – have asked us for our PacaPod packing tips. We’re delighted to provide this baby needs checklist to ensure you always have the right baby equipment on hand when you need it.

As your baby grows, their needs change, so we have designed PacaPod to adapt to your babies changing needs. If you have any further questions or need advice, please email us - for details how to do this please visit our contact page.

Packing Suggestion:

packing suggestion


Download PacaPod's Baby Bag Checklist HERE.

Hospital Bag Checklist:

We know packing a bag ready for your hospital visit is one of key things to get organized ahead of your new baby’s arrival. To help you decide which essentials to pack we have compiled our very own hospital bag packing list, which is now downloadable too so you can tick off the items as they go in your bag.


Download PacaPod's Hospital Packing List HERE.


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