The Story of PacaPod


Jacqueline Waggett, Mother and Founder of PacaPod…

As an ex Outdoor clothing designer and Mother to my two daughters, I had a Eureka moment whilst reduced to a heap of tears looking for an emergency baby wipe and failing miserably - the unique 3-in-1 PacaPod was born so that no items will bring a parent to tears again - well not over a baby wipe anyway!
I quickly learnt that as a parent, when we need something you want to reach it quickly, easily and with a degree of confidence. That may sound pretty obvious but how many times have you rooted around a bag looking for the your keys or a nappy bag only to be confronted with a half eaten sandwich and handful of raisins? Life’s busy enough with the kids and I certainly felt traumatised post birth and by the responsibility of being a parent (and still sometimes many years later).


Simple adventures such as a trip to the park, can feel daunting and don't get me started on more adventurous travels to far-flung places but knowing that I’m organised is one less thing to worry about.

Worrying about things you can't change is precious time wasted – and we don’t get it back - believe me :)

The spark of the idea came from cycling around the world with all my possessions stored in two bicycle panniers, travelling light and being organised was essential to happiness (and the weight of the bike on every hill climb).  As soon as I had my first daughter the idea started to form and after speaking to all my new Mum friends about their likes and dislikes, I figured that we were all carrying 3 bags around instead of one, hence the 3-in-1 baby bag creation.

I launched the concept at Harrogate Nursery Trade Show in 2008 (I was terrified and still breastfeeding with a 6 month old and a 2 year old), but it was an instant hit and taken on by John Lewis, Mothercare and even pursued to go on Dragons Den. Since then it has been enthusiastically snapped up by busy parents, celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Alesha Dixon, Rosie Hungtington-Whitely and Zara Phillips and major retailers around the globe.

PacaPod has been a best selling baby changing bag in the UK for 13 years, we have a little workshop in Devon where we run the business and make samples and fixes.  Each design is founded on the same principle of a parent bag, feeder pod, changer pod & mat, pram clips and mini pod, but there are an array of designs to suit individual styles and budgets.  Some of these include twin changing bags, leather changing bags and all the new collections have a backpack function and are suitable as a dad bag too.

We have a cabinet of awards and I couldn't feel prouder :)  I've learned a HUGE amount in the last 13 years and love helping others too, so if you have any ideas you want to float in the middle of that exhausting night feed, don't forget about it, parents have all the best ideas for what parents need to make life more simple.


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