Slip, Slap, Slop... how to easily apply sunscreen to your child

How To Easily Apply Sunscreen To Your Child

As the weather is getting warmer - hello 30-degree heat! - our children need to be covered in suncream every second of the day. It seems that all they want to do in summer is play outside, so why is it such a hassle to put suncream on them? 

Child crying suncream application

No matter how many times we tell our littles that we’re just trying to keep them safe, there are always tantrums that follow the introduction of the sunscreen bottle.

Toddle Is Here To Save Us All!

Traditional sunscreen bottles require you to squirt a blob of cream on your hands before smearing it all over your little one’s skin. This is not only messy and sticky, but it also gives your child time to realise what’s happening and run away. 


However, Toddle’s Sensitive Sun Spray for Children comes in a spray bottle instead, allowing you to spray the sunscreen right onto your child’s skin. The spray is cold and refreshing and makes the experience more enjoyable for little ones. 

"We tested the spray bottle out for ourselves, and our son absolutely loved it. There was no running away, no crying, no fighting back - just a gentle sunscreen session that was over in no more than five minutes." - Gemma, First time mum

Not only does Toddle’s spray bottle give us a break from the tantrums that usually come with sunscreen, but it also kept our baby protected for hours during the height of summer! 

Never Get Caught Out In The Sun! 

Now that you know the magic trick of applying sunscreen to your child, make sure that you are never caught out again. Pack your trusty Pacapod with all of your nappy bag essentials, including your Sensitive Sun Spray for Children. 

Thanks to the cleverly designed pockets of the PacaPod nappy bag, you can easily find your sunscreen within seconds while you’re out and about. Plus, you’ll still have room for all of your bottles, toys, nappies, and more! 

The Sensitive Sun Spray bottle contains as much cream as three regular bottles of sunscreen, so you won’t be running out for a while! However, when you do finally get through the bottle, make sure you top it up and save the environment with Toddle’s Sun Spray Refill Pouch.


Blog written: @ToddleBornWild

July 18, 2022 by Jacqueline Waggett


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