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Buggy Organiser 


As a parent and the designer of the Changer Pod one of the best Buggy Organising Bags, my goal was to redefine the standards of organizational baby bags for parents, making their lives easier.


This Pram Organiser embodies an ergonomic design and can clip onto a pram handle, or nestled snugly into a PacaPod, its size ensures that it integrates into your life and your needs, whether out for coffee or in the confines of an airplane toilet. Its lightweight construction and ability to unzip and flat-pack optimizes space and convenience, which addresses this inherent challenge faced by parents who feel the need to take out everything but the kitchen sink.


Inside the changer pod, I've implemented a labeling system to ensure that parents never overlook any essential items, each pod provides a well-organized solution to the chaos of parenting. The inclusion of a changer mat pocket further enhances convenience, allowing parents to attend to their babies' needs effortlessly, even with one hand. Its compatibility with the feeder pod creates a system that hygienically separates changing and feeding needs and parents can navigate their daily routines knowing that everything they need is within arm's reach.


It offers ample storage for nappies, wipes, bottles, and all other essentials, ensuring that parents are prepared for any situation when out and about. With convenient pockets and compartments, the Buggy Organising Bag keeps everything neatly organized and easily accessible, eliminating the stress of rummaging through cluttered bags.


The compact size of this Pram organizing Bag is a deliberate choice aimed at alleviating the stress of cramped changing spaces. Parents can now venture out with their little ones without feeling constrained by bulky bags, experiencing the freedom and reassurance that come with efficient organization.

In essence, the Lite Changer Pod / Pram Bag is more than just a bag—they're a testament to thoughtful design and unwavering dedication to the needs of parents.


I am proud to offer this clever pram organiser that not only simplifies parenting tasks of caregiving but empowers parents to embrace every adventure with confidence and ease if that's not enough they are made from recycled plastic bottles :)

• Unique changer pod, the perfect travel companion
• Clips onto your pram handle, back of the headrest in the car, for picnics on long car journeys and clips neatly into the back of your PacaPod Changing bag
• Webbing strap to attach to pram and easily slide onto your wrist
• Inner has pockets for wipes, nappies, nappy creams and medication
• Flat pack pods for easy store and clean
• Integral clip to secure inside your PacaPod for travel
• 25cm x 16.5cm x 14cm 
• Volume: 5 litre capacity
• Weight: 0.16kg
• Material: Outer shell and recycled polyester made from plastic bottles pods


"Firenze by PacaPod is a dream for anyone with a liking for organisation, and a must for anyone needing organisational help"
Harpers Bazaar
"PacaPod's design comes in a satchel style making it comfortable to carry and convenient when you're juggling your luggage."
"PacaPod bags are a clever design. I travelled with the Firenze and loved that it looked smart and neatly carried everything I needed. The little changer and meal pod bags make a lot of sense. "
Model and Singer Sophie Ellis-Bexter
"Like all of the PacaPod bags, it is designed with practicality in mind but by no means sacrifices on style to get there."
"Outdoorsy types, anyone who plans to make substantial use of a baby sling rather than pram - and dads - will rejoice at this hard-wearing, unisex backpack alternative to a traditional change bag."
The Independent
"These bags are so chic AND functional with tons of storage. The included pods make these bags brilliant for packing and on-the-go."
US actress Odette Annable
"This one isn't just for baby, it's a gift for mum too. Not only is it stylish but it's amazingly functional. There'll be no more scrabbling about looking for keys - everything stays perfectly in place and easy to find."

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