12 days of Christmas – PacaPod Giveaway

This Christmas twelve lucky new Mums are in with the chance to win the ultimate Xmas Giveaway.

This is the perfect year to quit wrapping paper, I hear you cry “what a great idea!” We love the shot of dopamine in anticipation of not knowing what is wrapped inside a precious bundle, and you can still get it without putting more waste into landfills. “But I recycle my wrapping paper?” Despite the ‘paper’ in its name much of that festive wrap does more harm than good when you throw it in the recycling bin. Paper with coatings, glitter, foil, and bows is generally not recyclable.

Opening a hidden gift is in unscientific terms, pretty fun right? From a neurology perspective, our brain rewards us with dopamine when we experience the anticipation and it makes the opening of gifts on Christmas day with our family highly pleasurable. Ultimately, the goal is to surprise your loved one!

Our answer this season is the re-emergence of the Japanese “furoshiki”; the wrapping of gifts in fabric, using fabric/scarfs or taking boxes from around the house and painting or decorating them, tying some string around and a bit of green foliage and the dopamine effect is still in full flow.  

We realised we had the perfect answer to this conundrum with our PacaPod accessories. So we have decided to give away a set of the following items each day for 12 days in the run-up to Xmas:

  • A feeder pod, perfect for picnics!
  • A changer pod, which can double up as a makeup bag?
  • A freedom pod backpack for your phone and wallet!

  • A mini pod perfect for your face mask.
  • A dry bag for your wet wild swimming costume.
  • And finally our jumbo bamboo muslin bag to put your smalls in :)

12 sets to win worth £124 each set……

To be in with the chance of winning these fantastic PacaPod Accessories worth £124 each, including string & paper tags head over to our Instagram feed @pacapod and enter every day from 1st December.


December 01, 2021 by Sam Humble-Smith

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