Here at PacaPod, we believe that the opportunity to travel is one of the best gifts you can give your children, as jetsetting to a myriad of destinations introduces your little one to the world from a very young age.

Whether you’ve been vying for rest and relaxation on tropical island or envisioning exploration in an urban jungle this summer, don’t let the fear of taking your new baby on a plane deter you from booking that family vacation.

Aside from the standard must-haves that we recommend in our changing bag essentials blog post, here are some additions we think will come in handy for mama (or dad) and baby to help prepare you both for the journey.




Wipes: In addition to changing your baby, wipes are perfect for post-snack clean-ups, little spills and wiping down your little one’s tray table for playtime on the plane.

Hand Sanitizer: A small hand-sanitizer in a TSA-approved bottle will get plenty of use.

Lotion and Chapstick: To keep your baby’s soft skin and lips well hydrated

Additional Tip #1: Less is more - especially when it comes to the weight of your changing bag on your shoulder - but don’t pack too little. Try to pack items that will be good for many uses. For example, this balm from Zoe Organics will double as a skin and lip moisturizer for both you and your baby.

Snacks: Pre-pack simple snacks for both you and your little ones, because sometimes airline pretzels and peanuts aren’t enough!

Entertainment: Baby books, a couple of toys and a teether for your little one. If your child is a little older, pre-load your tablet with age-appropriate videos to help the time pass on long flights. Don’t forget to bring good read or magazine for yourself too.

Chargers: A tablet will be of no use if you forgot to charge it, so be sure to pack an extra plug in your carry-on for both your phone and tablet!

Scarf: A stylish scarf will get plenty of use in chilly cabins for you and can be used as a blanket for your baby. Plus, you can drape it over your shoulder for privacy while breastfeeding.

PacaPod Pacsac: Pop our handy eco foldaway tote in your luggage. It packs up very small (can fit in the palm of your hand) so the perfect companion for travel. It will be useful for a multitude of activities whilst you are away, such as a trip to the local supermarket, beach bag and a toy and entertainment bag for your little one! Shop our handy Pacsac here

Extra Pacifiers: Somehow those little things always seem to get lost so we recommend having extras on-hand. It can also help with infant ear discomfort while your plane climbs in elevation.

Extra Change of Clothes: In the event of a spill, spit-up or nappy leak, be sure to have another change of clothes on hand. Keep it stored in a sealable plastic or reusable bag to keep smells at bay in close quarters.

Extra Formula: If your baby is not breastfed, we recommend pre-measuring formula in a formula dispenser like this one so you’re not trying to prep powder during turbulence.

Additional Tip #2: Allow yourself plenty of extra time to get to the airport, and to your plane!