Parents Love a Backpack

We have all seen the growing popularity of backpacks for quite a few years now. The trend for all things 80s and 90s, the rise of ‘athleisure’ wear, coupled with the healthy Scandi outdoor living vibe, and the need to transport laptops, phones and water bottles, has meant backpacks are now pretty much the only type of bag you see.

From high-end fashion labels to high street style, backpacks are no longer exclusively for schoolchildren, and the schoolchildren of a decade ago are now becoming the parents of today.

It is therefore inevitable that baby changing bag companies are adopting this ever-practical shape too, after all, who wouldn’t want the ability to be a hands-free parent whilst maintaining some sense of style, fashion and nostalgia?

Backpacks do make the perfect baby changing bags – they are easy to carry, hide plenty of compartments and pockets, are lightweight and have the neat advantage of being usable by both parents.

In terms of health they are easier on your shoulders, and if you want to attach them to your baby’s buggy or pram that is also normally a possibility (depending on which brand you go for).

Another key advantage is they don’t look anything like ‘traditional’ baby changing bags – meaning that they can adapt to your needs when you’re not with your little one. We all have more things to carry these days – suncream, phone, charger, water bottle, spare shoes, so as long as you pick a few squished raisins out of the lining before your commute to work, no one would ever know!

At PacaPod 85% of our sales are now backpacks. We offer backpacks in a variety of shapes, colours, fabrics and styles, the added advantage we have is our unique 3-in-1 organising system, meaning the bag contains two removable pods – one changer pod with mat, and one insulated feeder pod.

The likelihood of finding a raisin in the lining of your PacaPod bag is therefore almost nil, and when the pods are packed, everything you need for a day with baby is organised and easy to get to when you need it the most. If you want a different patterned pod, or colourway, most of our bags allow you to swap out the regular standard pods and mix and match with other pods depending on your own style and mood, and with neat pram clips included, it is easy to attach to the buggy or pram if you wish.

Modern parenting is all about style, good design, awareness and adaptability - combining old ideas with bags of new knowledge (or should that be ‘backpacks of new knowledge’?) and at PacaPod, with 12 years of experience designing baby changing bags, that is what we are all about.


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May 06, 2020 by Lucy Wakefield

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