Real Talk Responses

Last year, we told you all about our mum-fails where despite our best efforts we weren't quite the best mum in the world. We asked for you to tell us your stories, and you have not let us down. We've picked the ones that made us laugh the most, including our favourite as voted for by the office.

Hannah says "On my first solo trip out with my two girls I needed to stop to feed my youngest, who unfortunately really struggled to take to breastfeeding. On this occasion she had a brilliant feed and I was feeling rather chuffed with us both. Until I went to pay for our drinks that is. I wondered why the young man serving me went bright red. That is until my toddler, who is normally very shy, shouted out ‘mama milk’! Only then did I realise in my rush to pack up our things I hadn’t properly fastened my new top. Not only did the young man serving me have an eye full but thanks to my toddler so did the rest of the cafe."

Claire told us "We are currently only 3 weeks in so not a lot of stories yet but I have managed to stain my babies bum green! As a gift from my team at work everyone wrote an encouraging note on nappies for the middle of the night. Unfortunately, one person wrote on the inside of the nappy and so when I changed her nappy her bum was green! Either that or she is a baby incredible hulk!!"

Danielle's tale begins "So I use a wheelchair or a mobility scooter to get around, my daughter decided very early on that she preferred my lap to her pram. Which was fine, and much easier on boot space. She gave so many people joy riding around on my lap and I loved how easy it was for me to do my normal activities just with a baby on my lap. But that changed one day. I'm in a queue in a shop and start going into my handbag, to get my card. When out of nowhere my mobility scooter flies forward ploughing into an older lady and a barrier. Apparently today was the day my daughter wanted to take hold of the controls. I was mortified. I don't think I could apologise enough. My daughter laughing says 'oh dear'. She then peed through her nappy onto my lap. It wasn't my day."

Hollie's story is one a lot of people will be familiar with: "Well there was the time I thought I could run into the kitchen to grab a glass of water without my babe in arms.  “He’ll be ok” I thought, “I’ll pop him on the sofa, right back in the corner where it is safe, surrounded by cushions.  Then I’ll push the massive footstool right up to the sofa so even if he spontaneously learns to roll by himself, he’ll roll on to that and be safe. Oh and I’ll also make sure on the other side of the footstool the rug is poking out, you know, just to be crazy sure...there, no baby in the world could hurt themselves with that setup”.  I was wrong. So I stroll into the kitchen all sure and confident with my mothering abilities to get my glass of water and walk back out to find my baby has catapulted himself off the sofa, onto the footstool, rolled off of it, onto the rug and is laying on the hardwood floor. He was fine, not even a bruise but I still felt like the worst mum in the world.  One long cuddle, seven thousand kisses, a tearful call to my mum and a trip round Tesco asking him which cuddly toy he wanted (the bunny) and I finally forgave myself."

And our favourite story came from Joanna. "Walking through town feeling a sense of achievement that I had actually got out of the house that day, baby fed and fully dressed before lunchtime. I suddenly noticed that I had been hobbling, thinking oh no one of my shoes must need re-heeling! Typical they were new last week! Off to the nearest shoe repair shop I can find.  Only to be told at the shop that I had in fact put on two different types of shoes and that they were not a matching pair hence the different sized heels.  Cue embarrassment quick exit and muttering oh it’s mummy brain. Sleep deprivation and the consequences of that tiredness you’ll only ever understand after having a baby."

Thank you all for being so honest about being a mum! Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mums reading.

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