Maternity leave can be daunting for many new Mums, a period of unstructured time looming ahead of you, but try to slow down and live in the moment as it will fly by and they will be starting school before you know it. I found trying to find one outing or activity a day to build your day around and then afterward spend the rest of the day cuddling your baby and being kind to yourself, allowing your body a chance to heal from what it’s been through. I have compiled 20 of the things I most enjoyed about maternity leave – I hope it helps guide you through the coming weeks.

  • Take lots of walks, walk everywhere that you possibly can!
  • Take lots of photographs.
  • Take your baby swimming.
  • Have a night out with your bestie.
  • Sign up for a couple of baby groups.
  • Have a social media break maybe once a week?
  • Try audiobooks or find a new podcast series.
  • Take your baby to the movies - Twice (in case the first time is a failure).
  • Spend an entire day in your PJs.
  • Reconnect with your husband over dinner.
  • Book some weekends away with your little unit whilst you don’t have to juggle work.
  • Learn to rely on daddy and schedule a spa day.
  • Book a postpartum massage.
  • Get your baby’s hand and footprints in clay/glass e.t.c.
  • Get a pedicure.
  • Try a new hobby; sewing, knitting, new language
  • Binge-watch some boxsets.
  • Create a time capsule of the year your baby was born.
  • Make a blanket out of photographs from their first year.
  • Be kind to yourself and sleep when they do!





October 01, 2021 by Sam Humble-Smith


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