Going green in your baby’s room is simpler than ever these days, as many brands are emerging with eco-friendly nursery decor that keep your baby’s (and the earth’s) health in mind. Read on some of our favorite earth-friendly nursery gear.


1. Walls: One of the most fun parts about nesting is preparing your nursery, but did you know that some paints can be harmful to you and your baby? Lullaby is known for being the best nursery paint out there and is not only safe for baby and mum, but also for the environment.

Shop Lullaby Paints for US: http://www.lullabypaints.com

Shop Earthborn for UK: http://earthbornpaints.co.uk


2. Floor: You and your baby will probably spend lots of time on the floor, either playing blocks or logging some tummy time. Natural fiber rugs or organic cotton play mats are nice options for your little one’s nursery.        

Shop Hook and Loom: https://hookandloom.com

Shop Weaver Green: http://www.weavergreen.com


3. Changing: Stock your changing table with cloth nappies from our friends at Bambino Mio. Unsure about making the switch from disposable nappies? Check out this post to learn more.

Shop Bambino Mio: http://www.bambinomio.com/


4. Plants: What better way to go green than by adding some greenery to your baby’s abode. Snakes Plants are non-toxic and don’t require much water or sunlight. Boston ferns are also non-toxic. They’re pretty and do well when hung from the ceiling.


source: http://www.ministyleblog.com/blog/room-tour-theanimalprintshop9122014


5. Bed: Your newborn will spend plenty of time snoozing in their first few months at home. We think choosing a mattress for your baby that is free of harmful chemicals and allergens is important. One of our favorite brands is Naturepedic. Their polyethylene waterproof surface is so pure it actually meets food contact standards. Based out of Devon, where PacaPod HQ is located, Natural Mat is another favourite of ours.

Shop Naturepedic: http://www.naturepedic.com/our-products/mattresses/baby-crib-mattresses

Shop Natural Mat: https://www.naturalmat.co.uk/


6. Bedding: Since we’ve established that your newborn will spend lots of time sleeping, why not top your organic mattress with some cute eco-friendly sheets. KidWild’s crib sheets come in cute prints and are available in Organic Cotton that is free from harmful dyes and toxins.

Shop KidWild: http://www.kidwild.com/

Shop The Little Green Sheep: http://www.thelittlegreensheep.co.uk/bedding/baby-blankets/


source: www.kidwild.com


Tip: Aside from making new purchases to decorate, one thing you can do to achieve an eco-space for your baby is to repurpose furniture yourself. Shop vintage or turn your grandmother’s dresser into a changing table!


Did you know? PacaPod have also made changes to our business to make us more ‘green’, we updated our packaging so it arrives in a beautiful biodegradable poly bag. We also recycle all of our paper and cardboard and once your PacaPod has come to the end of it’s life we re-sell (pre-loved), reuse and recycle as a last resort. Find out more about our small changes to help support a big change for the environment; Environmental Policy.