Best Buys for Twins

If you’ve just received word that Twins are in your future, lucky you! While you will need to add two of some items to your baby wishlist, you won’t need double of everything! Here are some single products to simplify motherhood for mums of multiples.


Stoller: Push both your little peanuts at once with a stroller that has two chairs.

Baby Jogger City Mini Twin Pushchair / Shop from John Lewis >


Changing Bag: Pack for two in one roomy baby bag that has pods to keep your babies’ essentials in order.

We recommend our unique Mirano changing bag or Picos Pack due to their cavernous size and easy to use features/ Shop Mirano>

Shop Picos Pack>


PlayPen: This play yard for your twins doubles as a bassinet for two.

Graco Double PlayPen / Shop from Amazon >


Breast Pump: Feeding two is no easy task, keep a breast pump in your home for those times when you may need a little extra help feeding your littles.

Medela Advanced Breast Pump / Shop from Amazon >


Baby Carrier: Bond with both your babies by wearing a twin baby carrier to carry them at the same time!

Twingaroo Baby Carrier / Shop from Bed, Bath & Beyond >

September 12, 2016 by Amit Javani


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