In Praise of Dads

Dads come in all shapes and sizes. Everyone does their own thing, but there are definitely Dad Types we all recognise aren’t there? Here’s an affectionate look at a few of our favourites...

Modern dad

  • In a poonami emergency he’s nappy-happy to help out
  • Absolutely loves a good toddler coffee morning
  • Well up for sharing parental leave equally (you’re not so sure)
  • Packs a changing bag like a ninja


  • Shows love through his amazing ability to mend and build things
  • Cannot, will not, sit down for more than 10 minutes. Ever.
  • Thinks the sooner his kids can handle a pen knife the better



Happy camper dad

  • Almost allergic to iPads and phones - he fears the screens
  • Thinks being outdoors has some magical powers
  • He’s happiest in a tent. When it rains. Because ‘it’s cosy’.

Fitbit dad

  • Sport’s his escape. Often just as your child starts crying...
  • ...But he comes back from a workout like he’s superdad
  • You daydream about selling his bikes to fund a hot tub

Parklife dad

  • Claims he’s never grown up
  • The fire service once had to cut him out of a child’s swing
  • You love his sense of fun and huge energy…
  • ...but sometimes it’s like having one more child
June 14, 2018 by Alice Edmonds

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