Keeping Active During Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy is a topic that can cause some debate. Whilst some women may be able to keep up a relatively intense exercise regime, others may struggle to even go for a wander.  Whichever you are, it is important that you listen to your body and only do what is right for you.

Below are a few ideas of things you can do during pregnancy to keep you active, which will assist with recovering post labour, and help your body adjust to all of the changes it is going through. If in any doubt, please always consult with your doctor before taking part in any exercise.


1. Yoga – Yoga is great for relaxing the body and mind, as well as increasing strength and flexibility. This can all help the body cope with the stresses and strains during pregnancy and labour, whilst also aiding with post labour recovery. We recommend finding a yoga class geared towards women who are pregnant, and if one is not available, make sure you tell the instructor that you are pregnant.


2. Water Aerobics – the cooling support of pool water is one that can be welcomed with open arms during pregnancy. Exercise in water is a great way to stay active, as the pressure on your joints is dramatically reduced. Water aerobics will definitely get your heart rate up, but will also greatly soothe any aches or pains experienced when pregnant.


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3. Barre – Inspired by a combination of ballet, yoga and pilates, not only is barre the latest, trendiest form of exercise, but also a great form of exercise during pregnancy. The strength work may greatly help with endurance during labour and recovery post labour, while the stretching element is a great way to open up the pelvis in preparation for the birth.


4. Zumba – A great way to get moving during pregnancy, and such fun too! Zumba is wonderful for building core strength, as well as helping the body adjust during pregnancy. However, do make sure that you modify or exclude any of the tougher exercises whilst taking part.


5. Spinning – If you were already a keen spinner before pregnancy, then this is a way to continue the exercise, as it is impact free. Despite this, they advise skipping the super intense spinning classes, and opt for a more gentle workout on the bike for you and your bump. Do make sure that your bike is set to the right proportions for you to avoid any unwanted pressure on your lower back during exercise.


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In addition to the above ideas, it's recommended to maintain a healthy diet and regular water consumption. Finally, if in any doubt, please seek medical advice before commencing with any physical activity, as every pregnancy is different!

We'd love to hear what your pregnancy routine is, please share your comments and suggestions below.


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