Nutrition During Pregnancy

It is perfectly natural to become preoccupied with personal health during pregnancy. Indeed, it’s easy to make the argument that this is the only responsible way to think but when you’re “being healthy for two,” so to speak, but you may need to employ a little bit more strategy as its hard to stay on track daily. Ordinarily, you likely know what is “good” or “bad” for you, and you can plan your diet accordingly. However, there are additional considerations during pregnancy, as well as a greater need for diligence. So, to help you with your nutrition efforts during pregnancy, we have a few tips on how to develop a plan.

Importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy

We don’t want to frame the topic in too dramatic a fashion, nor do we mean to “diet-shame” anybody. However, part of developing proper nutrition during pregnancy is learning what makes it so necessary in the first place. Beyond the basic notion that a healthy mother will be best able to carry a child, there can be some specific consequences that can result from bad nutrition during pregnancy.

Professional assistance

You are likely to know what is “good” or “bad” for your diet and can put together an adequately nutritious plan on your own. However, you can also seek professional help. First, this might mean seeking out a nutritionist or dietician with specific experience regarding pregnancy. Another option is to discuss the matter with a nurse or physician’s assistant with expertise in the matter. Many nurses are receiving more detailed training meaning and you are likely to now encounter a nurse with particular knowledge and experience in all things relating to pregnancy.

Identify some favorite staples

Depending on how you ordinarily eat, your nutrition plan during pregnancy may bring about some fairly significant change. It can certainly be an adjustment, but one way to get past this is to find a few favorite staple foods that you can comfortably and regularly eat throughout your pregnancy without concern.

There are plenty of commonly recommended foods to eat while pregnant that many will find delicious — such as sweet potatoes, berries, avocados, eggs, and salmon, to name a few. So if anything from that list sounds tasty you’re off to a good start! You won’t want to dive into the same meal every night of course, but having a few healthy staples to turn to is a crucial part of upholding a nutrition plan.

Address the carb question

If you’ve already looked into pregnancy nutrition a little bit, chances are you’ve come across the carb question. There isn’t an exact answer or a means of measuring out the exact right balance of carbs in your diet. That said, university nutrition experts have answered questions about carbs that make the issue a little bit clearer. The conclusion is that carbs are necessary during pregnancy, but that they should still be consumed in the right amounts and with a healthy slant, like many things in moderation!

Allow some treats!

Finally, don’t forget that some treats now and then during your pregnancy are perfectly fine — particularly if they’re addressing those notorious pregnancy cravings. That’s not to say you want to wind up downing a whole cake every day but depriving yourself of the occasional, reasonable treat or craving is only going to make you feel more restricted.

So our final tip is to go ahead and enjoy those occasional treats within a broader, healthier effort. You’re earning them.

Written by Michelle Keen for

July 09, 2021 by Sam Humble-Smith

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