Sustainability and Motherhood

In those first few months as a new Mum, we are offered so much advice on how to do everything, that it is really hard to then focus on the additional guilt of trying to do it sustainably. Whilst sustainability is at the core of what we do here at PacaPod we thought it might be a great idea to jot down a few simple ideas about living lightly on the planet for future generations. 


You will go through a frightening amount of nappies, especially in the first few months, and knowing that each disposable nappy last over 500 years on earth, it is a little unsettling! One of the best ways to reduce this environmental impact is to opt for reusable cloth nappies for babies they have come a long way from the ones used by our grandparents and today we have cloth nappies that can last as long as 12 hours before needing to change. However, please do not feel pressured if this is not for you as there are some great eco ranges out there, I used Naty nappies and loved them. 


Who doesn’t love being handed down clothes from family and friends? However, it is really lovely to buy a few things for your new baby. I used to buy with longevity in mind, buying good quality products made from organic fabrics that I knew I could then hand down to friends. Of course, you also have ebay or Facebook where you can find some great bargains second-hand. Finally, if you do not fancy buying clothes, you can always rent clothes. This was new to me when I started on this journey but it appears it has taken off with a few companies set up to do this! 

Wet Wipes 

Wet Wipes are another product you will go through in huge quantities in the first year. It is now super easy to find biodegradable wet wipes, one of the many companies I used is:


If you are looking at a skincare range always go for natural over chemical, there are so many companies now focusing on this that you have a great selection to purchase from but where possible also think about their packaging, i.e is it in a glass bottle or recyclable container or even better is there packaging biodegradable?


Although many choose to breastfeed their babies, there are still occasions when it might not be practical or possible and you may need to consider bottle-feeding your newborn. If you don't like the idea of warming up the formula in a plastic baby bottle I used an Avent glass baby bottle and it worked great for me and my baby.


Finally when you are about to buy a new product ask yourself the most important questions. How has it been produced and with what materials, is the packaging biodegradable, is the company carbon neutral, will it last the distance, and do the company offer repairs if something goes wrong? If we all follow little steps, we can begin our eco-journey with our children from the moment they are born but remember to be open and don’t judge yourself in this challenging world of parenting.


February 12, 2021 by Sam Humble-Smith

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