Customisation is here!

This year we celebrated ten years of PacaPod and if you had to ask us what the biggest FAQ has been throughout those ten years, by a long mile it would be ‘can I pick which pods come with my bag?’. Up until now, our fab customer services team has had to be the bearer of bad news and let you know that this just isn’t possible BUT for some time now we have been scratching our heads and trying to find a way that we can bring you this much requested option. Now, we are so excited to announce that customisation is here. All great things start small, so this option is currently only available on a few bags from the range: click here to see your options. If you are in any doubt which bags these are, they will be displayed on our shop page with the icon below.

But what exactly does this mean, you ask? This means that you can choose one of the three options below:

  • The standard set: Not a fan of change? No worries! With the standard set option you get the usual feeder pod, changer pod, changing mat, pram clips and mini pod that normally comes with that bag.
  • Shell only: Want to add another PacaPod to your collection, but don’t need all the pods? Then by going with the shell only option you will receive your changing bag MINUS the pods but with the following: changer mat, pram clips and mini pod.
  • Go crazy with customisation: This is where the fun starts. As a standard your changing bag will come with a changing mat, mini pod and pram clips - however, if you’ve got a particularly hungry child there is no one stopping you from adding five feeder pods to your bag, or a lifetime supply of changer pods (well actually, Sarah in logistics might not be best pleased, but post her some biscuits and she might just say yes!).

Don’t forget if you have any questions at all on this super exciting new process then you can contact us at
November 13, 2018 by Amit Javani


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