Dads Hospital Bag

Dads- delivery day is exciting for your partner, but it can also be overwhelming if she’s a first time mama. Aside from being by her side, the best thing you can do to ease her mind is to help her out by being prepared.


Dad's hospital bag

1. Wallet & ID For check-in and any paperwork that may need to be filled out at the hospital.

2. Cash & Coin For trips to the vending machine and anything else that may require cash over card.

3. Snacks It’s 3AM and your partner’s water breaks. When 7AM rolls around, you’ll probably be starving. You won’t be able to leave her side and that’s when the granola bar you packed will come in handy!

4. Change of Clothes For an overnight stay, or in case you end up needing to stay in hospital longer.

5. Toothbrush & Toothpaste

6. Pillow & Blanket Some hospitals don’t supply bedding for Dads, you may want to bring your own from home anyway!

7. Comfortable Slip-On Shoes The walking the halls with your labouring wife!


8. Zip-down Hoodie or Button Down Shirt for Skin-to-Skin Skin-to-skin time is just as important for dad and baby. A button down shirt or sweater makes it easy for you to bond with your baby.


9. Camera! Capture your baby’s first life, and be sure to get a photo of your partner as a new mama!

10. Phone Charger So you can update family and friends once the new addition to your family arrives!


11. Bag of Tricks This is an important one, dads! Your partner is doing the hardest work she may ever do in her life. Make sure you pack some things to help make the job more pleasurable, like photos of you two together to hang in the room, her favourite flowers, essential and massage oils, or some soothing music.


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October 28, 2016 by Megan Green

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